Collaborative development and dissemination of workflows and techniques for using


to progress research into the understanding and treatment of diseases

PhD Position


CLEXM is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Networks Action (MSCA-DN), funded by the European Union under Horizon Europe.

The objective of MSCA-DN Project is to implement doctoral programmes by partnerships of organisations as well as to train highly skilled doctoral candidates, stimulate their creativity, enhance their innovation capacities and boost their employability in the long-term.

CLEXM addresses an urgent need for collaborations in the field of correlative multimodal imaging. It will gather and integrate information from complementary imaging modalities to create a more complete view of biomedical processes of disease and drug therapy research.

CLEXM Objectives

The overarching objective of project CLEXM is to provide high-level training in the field of correlative multimode imaging to a new generation of doctoral candidates to provide them with the transferrable skills necessary for thriving careers in a high-growth area that will aid researchers in their quest to understand disease and to develop effective therapies.

The Project Objectives can be summarised as follows:

  1. Develop and demonstrate procedures for cryo-preparing and inspecting cells so that they can be prepared with repeatable performance and imaged across different imaging modalities.
  2. Demonstrate benefits of multimodal imaging using disease and therapeutic research Use Cases.
  3. Develop and demonstrate a means for correlating and analysing images from different imaging modalities, leveraging computational approaches, including machine learning.
  4. Develop and deliver a series of workshops and training events to train all Doctorial Network Candidates on all aspects of the correlative imaging workflow.
  5. Organise a series of knowledge and dissemination events to train the wider research community on the benefits of multimodal, correlative imaging workflows.

PHD Projects

Project CLEXM consists of 7 Full Partners & 5 Associate Partners who will directly supervise 9 PhD candidates and also host PhD candidates during secondments. This project will give candidates the opportunity to work closely with different imaging modalities while allowing them to network with other candidates and other project supervisors.

Application Deadline: 18th August 2023 (Closed)

The projects being offered to candidate PhD students are summarised in the table below:

Research Project Supervisor Organisation PhD Awarding Entity PhD Location PhD Candidate Topic
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Kevin Mamprin
Aalen University, Germany
Aalen University
Aalen University, Germany
COS, Heidelberg University , Germany
Heidelberg University
COS, Heidelberg University, Germany
Fariha Mahzabin
Institut Pasteur, France
Université de Paris Cité
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Keith Egger
Synchrotron Soleil, France
Paris Saclay University
Harisa RISTA
SiriusXT Ltd, Ireland
University College Dublin
SiriusXT, Dublin, Ireland
Shao Shen Chueh
University College Dublin, Ireland
University College Dublin
University College Dublin, Ireland
Madeleen Brink
University College Dublin
University College Dublin
University College Dublin, Ireland
Jakub Krstev
Institut Pasteur, France
Sorbonne University, Paris
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Consortium Partners

CLEXM 12 Project Partners